Data Protection Officer

Sleep tight. Your personal data is well taken care of

A data fiduciary is an expert who makes sure your personal data is handled properly. They simply keep you out of trouble (and away from the Data Protection Authority).

As a fiduciary, we take the GDPR-related paperwork off your plate, handle communication with the supervisory authority, and help you process data subject requests.

I need an officer

Leave GDPR to us

Advice on GDPR – We are always on hand to answer any questions you may have

We’ll design a solution and help with implementation – You come up with the idea, we’ll figure out how to make it compliant with the law.

We will create and revise GDPR documents – We are lawyers and we enjoy administration.

We check and suggest security measures – With us, your personal data is safe with us.

We monitor and respond to legislative changes – We keep an eye on what’s new for you. You can concentrate on your work.

We train your employees – Personal data is safe when your employees know how to handle it.

We handle requests and complaints – We communicate with employees, clients and authorities on your behalf.

The supervisory authority calls us directly – Don’t keep yourself away from work. The inspectors have a number for us, and if there’s a problem, they call us.

We represent you before the supervisory authority – We are experienced with administrative proceedings. We will represent you to the fullest extent.


I need an officer

Most often we act as a fiduciary for:





What does collaboration look like?

At the beginning we ask a lot of questions

We meet in person, online or on the phone. We want to know what you do, how many employees you have, how you work with IT systems, who your customers are and what you do with personal data. We also align with each other’s ideas about working together.

We sign a contract

And after the contract is signed, we get to work.

Within 3 weeks, we'll produce a control audit

Without an audit, we couldn’t take full responsibility for your organization. Through it, we’ll find out where you stand on GDPR compliance, identify gaps and start addressing them.

We act as an officer

We will prepare a form for you to notify the Data Protection Authority that you are appointing us as your data fiduciary. From now on, we are a fully fledged data officer and you can put GDPR out of your mind.

How much will this cost you?

Our fee consists of a lump sum for conducting the audit and a monthly flat fee for acting as a fiduciary.

  • The cost of the audit depends on the size of your organisation, your focus etc. It ranges between 10 and 100 thousand CZK.
  • The monthly remuneration is usually between CZK 3,000 and CZK 50,000.

Let’s talk more specifically. Contact us and we’ll prepare a no-obligation quotation.

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Ondřej Fiala

Mgr. Ondřej Fiala


Why do organizations choose us as a commissioning agent?

Expertise – We specialize in GDPR. We are experienced lawyers and we know the law for you.

Substitutability – If one of us falls ill, a colleague will replace them. With us, you are always taken care of.

Partnership – We’re here to take the worry away. We suggest improvements and solve problems ourselves.

We can help with GDPR even on a one-off basis

Don’t need an agent or already have one? We’ll help you sleep better too.

  • Supervision of the delegate
  • One-off consultation
  • GDPR document creation/revision
  • Representation in proceedings before the Data Protection Authority
  • Drafting a complaint to the supervisory authority
  • GDPR training
  • GDPR audit