The online environment presents a large number of legal pitfalls. But with us you don’t have to worry. Therefore, whether you are a novice sailor who has now decided to take the plunge into the waters of e-commerce, or you are a seasoned captain who has picked up the wind and is heading for further expansion, we will always help you.

Often IT law issues are an integral part of the e-commerce environment. Therefore, whether you are developing your own software and want to protect it legally or, on the other hand, you are dealing with the delivery of software from your supplier, we are here for you.


Clients most often address the following issues with us:

In the field of e-commerce:

Drafting terms and conditions

Audit of legal obligations of an online project

E-commerce complaint process

E-shop transfer agreement

Website compliance audit with GDPR

Setting up legal protection for the project

Copyright advice

Unfair competition or when competition feeds on competition

Domain name transfer, domain name disputes

From the field of IT law:

Software development contract

Licensing agreement, agreement on assignment of property rights

Non-disclosure agreement (NDA), know-how protection

Copyright advice

Contracts with suppliers (programmer, IT administrator)

Database transfer

Related services:

Ltd. vs. self-employed?

List, adjustment of relations between the founders of the project

Contracts with employees

Investor entry, project exit


Legal negotiations in the digital age (electronic signatures)


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