With the development of technology and the internet, privacy is coming to the fore, along with the protection of personal data. After all, data is more valuable than gold in today’s digital era.

Most often, we help private and public organizations set up all processes and documents so that service recipients or employees can be sure that personal data is handled correctly in the organization.


Clients most often order the following services from us:

Representation before the Office for Personal Data Protection

GDPR audit

Processing contract

Personal Data Processing Policy

Data Protection Officer

Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

Internal guidelines for handling personal data

Staff training

Training of the Data Protection Officer

Data Breach Complaint

If you suspect that in your organization, instead of a single service, it is better to take the whole GDPR from the ground up. Then we have a solution for you. We call it a comprehensive GDPR ready package. What is it?

We’ll make sure your entire organization is GDPR compliant. We start with an audit, where we find out what the state of the organization is in relation to GDPR obligations (what all should be compliant and isn’t). We then design and implement all the necessary solutions so that at the end you can rest assured that your organization is GDPR ready.


The service is most often ordered by:

commercial companies


corporate clients


municipalities and regions

schools and kindergartens



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