In general practice, we provide the usual legal services in everyday areas of law such as civil, family, commercial, criminal and administrative law.

Experience shows that the best associates are worth cultivating. That is why we are looking for new recruits especially among students or recent graduates of law schools. We provide them not only with the possibility of future specialization, but also with the opportunity to gain experience in all areas of law. All this under the supervision of attorneys who have chosen general practice as their specialty.

We consider our work in general practice as a service to the public. Custody matters in particular are an area in which the state has long had difficulty appointing any attorney. This is because of the very low fee schedule and therefore low motivation to do this work. But that is not our main goal and motivation in this area. As a result, we provide very high quality services in the Prostejov region at locally prevailing prices. We believe that by doing so, we are not only expanding the ability of local residents to afford high quality legal services.


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