Jan Grepl
Tel.:730 570 094

Mgr. Jan Grepl

  • leading lawyer in the general practice sector
  • Specialis permanent associate from 2021
  • university teacher and professional trainer, author of professional articles
  • active in Czech and English, fluent in German, Russian and Ukrainian

Honza graduated from the Faculty of Law at Palacký University in Olomouc and has been working in the legal environment since 2012. Before passing the bar exams with distinction, he completed several internships at law firms, courts and the executor’s office.

At our law firm, Honza leads the general practice team and although he is no stranger to defending or representing victims in criminal proceedings, pursuing private law claims, administrative proceedings or family law, his main specialization is civil, employment and health law.

Apart from advocacy, Honza is also active in the academic sphere, currently working at the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Philosophy in Olomouc, the PRIGO Higher Vocational and Higher School in Ostrava and the Moravian University in Olomouc. His academic work focuses on civil, labor and health law and he regularly publishes in peer-reviewed journals and proceedings. He is also the co-author of a professional publication on the topic of personal data protection, authored by members of our firm.