Mgr. Ondřej Fiala

  • Personal data protection
  • IT law, e-commerce
  • Speaks English

Ondřej understands law as a tool through which it is possible to help people in their various life situations. He is also an enthusiast of new technologies, which is reflected in his specialization. At the firm, Ondřej focuses on areas where law is intertwined with the digital environment.

Therefore, if you want advice on data protection issues or if you are dealing with any challenges in the field of IT law and e-commerce, meet Ondřej.

Ondřej graduated from the Faculty of Law of Palacký University in Olomouc. During his studies he worked in one of the largest technology companies in the Central European region. Here he gained his first experience with the issue of personal data protection. He continues to deepen his experience in the legal profession, where he visited after his graduation.

Ondřej methodically leads a team of experts providing GDPR and cybersecurity consulting to more than 470 organizations across the Czech Republic. In addition, he also lectures accredited seminars for public administration bodies.

He passes on his knowledge in the field of IT law to students of the Moravian University in Olomouc, where he teaches at the Institute of Social Sciences and Law.

Last but not least, Ondřej publishes in renowned legal publishers. If you are more interested in personal data protection issues, we highly recommend Ondřej’s training courses or GDPR publications. Material and procedural aspects in practice, which he co-authored with Ondřej Lichnovský and Jan Greple.