Mgr. Táňa Horvath Čapková

  • Specialist in administrative and criminal tax law
  • Independent advocate since 2017
  • She speaks Czech and English at a professional level, but can also speak German

Táňa has been working in the field of tax process since 2012, when she joined the General Financial Directorate as a graduate. In 2014 she moved to Deloitte Legal. There she was involved in active litigation with tax administration authorities and in some important decisions of the Supreme Administrative Court. In addition, she has been involved in publishing, tax and criminal law risk assessment and has also been a speaker at educational events organized by Deloitte.

After completing her bar exams, she also focused on GDPR, AML and financial regulation, with a focus on the insurance, credit and investment intermediation sector.

Since 2018, in cooperation with Ondřej Lichnovský, she has again devoted herself fully to tax litigation and criminal tax law. Within the framework of this cooperation, Táňa provides clients with a helping hand in all stages of tax disputes, from tax audits to proceedings before the Supreme Administrative Court, she is dedicated to the defense of clients in criminal proceedings and plans to work also within the framework of the law firm’s publishing activities.

Táňa lives in Prague, so she is mainly responsible for clients from the Czech Republic.